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Magic Mouth

Casting Time
One unattended object
slice of dried ox tongue or a feather from a lyrebird
Until dispelled

The target is imbued with a spoken message of 25 words or fewer which it speaks when a trigger condition you choose is met. The message may take up to 10 minutes to convey. 

When your trigger condition is met, a magical mouth appears on the object and recites the message in the same voice and volume as you used when instructing it. If the object chosen has a mouth (for example, a painted portrait) this is where the mouth appears.

You may choose upon casting whether the message is a single event, or whether it repeats every time the trigger condition is met.

The trigger condition must be based upon audio or visual cues within 30 feet of the object, and may be highly detailed or as broad as you choose. For example, the trigger could be when any attack action is made within range, or when the first spring shoot breaks ground within range.

Rare Versions

Koren’s Mocking Magic Mouth. As long as you also know the vicious mockery cantrip, when you cast this spell with a trigger that is a single event you can choose to cast vicious mockery through the magical mouth.

This spell may be cast as a ritual