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Stone Sentinel

Casting Time
One nonmagical Medium or Large statue
book of laws written in silver ink worth 1,000 gp, which is consumed by the spell

You touch a statue and transform it into a walking statue (see Monstrous Menagerie). The walking statue is either Medium or Large, depending on the original statue’s size, and its Intelligence is 8 (–1); otherwise, its statistics are unchanged.

This stone sentinel is not under your control. Instead, it remains dormant in its original position. It is indistinguishable from a normal statue until it perceives a law being broken, at which point it takes action. The walking statue is aware of all laws in the book used as the material component, though its understanding of the law is literal and without nuance. You can update the laws for a stone sentinel you have created with another casting of this spell, using the new law book as the material component.

Each time you cast the spell, you can choose between three sets of instructions, which the walking statue will carry out to the best of its ability.

1. Apprehend Criminals. When the sentinel perceives a major or minor law being broken, it chases the lawbreaker and attacks them. If it loses sight of a lawbreaker or if the lawbreaker is reduced to 0 hit points, the sentinel returns to its original location and position and returns to its dormant state. The stone statue’s attacks are non-lethal: a creature reduced to 0 hit points by the stone sentinel is knocked unconscious and considered stable.

2. Apprehend Criminals with Extreme Prejudice. As Apprehend Criminals, but the stone sentinel’s attacks are not nonlethal.

3. Keep Watch. When the stone sentinel perceives a crime, it does not move or attack. Instead, it sounds the alarm, shouting the nature of the crime, as well as the direction and description of the lawbreaker. It continues to shout the crime and the last known direction and description for 5 rounds.