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Casting Time
Huge or smaller beast or plant with Intelligence 3 or less.
an intricately carved agate worth at least 1,000 gold, consumed by the spell

You impart sentience in the target, granting it an Intelligence of 10 and proficiency in a language you know. A plant targeted by this spell gains the ability to move, as well as senses identical to those of a human. The Narrator assigns awakened plant statistics (such as an awakened shrub or awakened tree ).

The target is charmed by you for 30 days or until you or your companions harm it. Depending on how you treated the target while it was charmed, when the condition ends the awakened creature may choose to remain friendly to you.

Cast at Higher Levels

Target an additional creature for each slot level above 5th. Each target requires its own material component.

Rare Versions

Aurana’s Augmented Awaken. When cast at higher levels, add 30 days to the charm effect of this spell for every 2 slot levels above 5th.

Sidoneth’s Slippery Awaken. Oozes can be targeted by this spell.