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Casting Time
One creature
1 round
Saving Throw
Wisdom negates

You only require line of sight to the target (not line of effect). On its next turn the target follows a one-word command of your choosing. The spell fails if the target is undead, if it does not understand your command, or if the command is immediately harmful to it.

Below are example commands, but at the Narrator’s discretion you may give any one-word command. 

Approach | Come | Here: The target uses its action to take the Dash action and move toward you by the shortest route, ending its turn if it reaches within 5 feet of you.

Bow | Grovel | Kneel: The target falls prone and ends its turn.

Drop: The target drops anything it is holding and ends its turn.

Flee | Run: The target uses its action to Dash and moves away from you as far as it can.

Halt: The target remains where it is and takes no actions. A flying creature that cannot hover moves the minimum distance needed to remain aloft.

Cast at Higher Levels

For each slot level above 1st, you affect one additional target that is within 30 feet of other targets.