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Convenient Retrieval

Casting Time
An object carried in an unsecured container on your person.

You reach into the container and instantly retrieve an object, regardless of its position in the container. This allows you to quickly snatch an item from an extradimensional space such as a bag of holding , as well as retrieving items from more conventional containers, such as backpacks and sacks. For this spell to work, you must be holding or wearing the container, it must not be locked, tied shut, or otherwise secured, and it must contain the item you wish to retrieve. If any of these conditions are not met, the spell fails.

You may retrieve a specific object known to you, provided that you have observed it within 30 feet at least once. You may also choose to retrieve a certain type of object (for example, an instrument, ring, or weapon), at which point the Narrator randomly determines the specific item of that type you end up with. If the item can be wielded, such as a shield or weapon, the spell ends with you wielding it if you choose.