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Fertilize Field

Casting Time
Area Shape
a pinch of manure and the seeds, roots, or fruiting body of the desired crop

You bless the ground to accommodate a specific crop in a 130-foot square area. The soil alters its composition to become ideal for that specific plant, purging contaminants (such as salt or other undesirable minerals), instantly decomposing any bodies lying in its soil down to a depth of 5 feet, and dispelling curses of up to 4th level. For a year and a day, plants of the type specified at the casting of the spell produce 50% more yield than they normally would, potentially increasing the income of a farm if properly harvested. Bodies destroyed by this spell immediately become useless for speak with dead , animate dead , resurrection , and other similar spells that require a body (the bodies of particularly powerful magical creatures may not be affected by this spell at the Narrator’s discretion).