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Casting Time
One creature
Concentration ( 10 minutes )

The target is banished to a complex maze on its own demiplane, and remains there for the duration or until the target succeeds in escaping. The target can use an action to attempt to escape, making an Intelligence saving throw . On a successful save it escapes and the spell ends. A creature with Labyrinthine Recall (or a similar trait) automatically succeeds on its save. When the spell ends the target reappears in the space it occupied before the spell was cast, or the closest unoccupied space if that space is occupied.

Rare Versions

The Mouthless One's Whisper Maze. At any time, the target can end the spell early by revealing its darkest secret to the caster. After doing so, the target automatically fails saving throws made against the caster's spells. This effect is permanent until removed by a wish or similar magic.