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Mirage Arcane

Casting Time
10 days

Range: Special (Sight)

Area: Special (1-mile square)

You make terrain within the spell’s area appear as another kind of terrain, tricking all senses (including touch). The general shape of the terrain remains the same, however. A small town could resemble a woodland, a smooth road could appear rocky and overgrown, a deep pit could resemble a shallow pond, and so on.

Structures may be altered in the similar way, or added where there are none. Creatures are not disguised, concealed, or added by the spell.

The illusion appears completely real in all aspects, including physical terrain, and can be physically interacted with. Clear terrain becomes difficult terrain , and vice versa. Any part of the illusory terrain such as a boulder, or water collected from an illusory stream, disappears immediately upon leaving the spell’s area.

Creatures with truesight see through the illusion, but are not immune to its effects. They may know that the overgrown path is in fact a well maintained road, but are still impeded by illusory rocks and branches.