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Casting Time
A creature on the same plane of existence as you or a location you’ve seen before
focus worth at least 1,000 gold
Concentration ( 10 minutes )
Saving Throw
Wisdom negates (24 hours)

You can see and hear a specific creature that you choose. The difficulty of the saving throw for this spell is modified by your knowledge of the target and whether you possess a physical item with a connection to the target. 

On a failed save, you can see and hear the target through an invisible sensor that appears within 10 feet of it and moves with the target. Any creature who can see invisibility or rolls a critical success on its saving throw perceives the sensor as a fist-sized glowing orb hovering in the air. Creatures cannot see or hear you through the sensor.

If you choose to target a location, the sensor appears at that location and is immobile.

Table: Scrying

Knowledge or Physical Connection DC Modifier
You have heard of the target -5
You have met the target +0
You know the target well +5
Likeness or picture +2
Possession or garment +4
Lock of hair, nail clipping, tooth, finger, true name, and so on +10