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Balor 19 Huge Fiend Abyss
Balor General 24 Huge Fiend Legendary Abyss
Barbed Devil 5 Medium Fiend Hell
Bearded Devil 3 Medium Fiend Hell
Bone Devil 9 Large Fiend Hell
Cambion 5 Medium Fiend Abyss, Desert, Hell, Hills, Ruin, Settlement, Temple
Cannibal Reaver 1/2 Medium Fiend Abyss, Desert, Grassland, Hills, Jungle, Mountains, Settlement
Chain Devil 9 Medium Fiend Hell
Chained One 13 Large Fiend Hell
Dretch 1/4 Small Fiend Abyss
Erinyes 12 Medium Fiend Hell
Fell Nightmare 5 Large Fiend Abyss, Hell, Shadowfell
Glabrezu 10 Large Fiend Abyss
Hell Hound 3 Medium Fiend Astral Plane, Desert, Hell, Laboratory, Mountains, Plane of Fire, Shadowfell
Hezrou 10 Large Fiend Abyss
Horde Demon 3 Medium Fiend Abyss
Horde Demon Band 13 Large Fiend Abyss
Horned Devil 11 Large Fiend Hell
Ice Devil 12 Large Fiend Hell
Imp 1/2 Tiny Fiend Hell
Imp Familiar 1/2 Tiny Fiend Hell
Jackalwere 1/2 Medium Fiend Desert, Grassland, Hills
Jackalwere Pack Leader 2 Medium Fiend Desert, Grassland, Hills
Lemure 1/8 Medium Fiend Hell
Lemure Band 2 Large Fiend Hell
Lucifer 35 Huge Fiend NPCUnique Hell
Malcubus 4 Medium Fiend Abyss, Ethereal Plane, Hell, Settlement
Marilith 16 Large Fiend Abyss
Nalfeshnee 13 Large Fiend Abyss
Nightmare 3 Large Fiend Abyss, Hell, Shadowfell
Pit Fiend 20 Large Fiend Hell
Pit Fiend General 20 Huge Fiend Elite Hell
Quasit 1/2 Tiny Fiend Abyss
Quasit Familiar 1/2 Tiny Fiend Abyss
Rakshasa 13 Medium Fiend Abyss, Desert, Forest, Grassland, Hell, Hills, Jungle, Settlement, Swamp
Shadow Demon 4 Medium Fiend Abyss
Vrock 6 Large Fiend Abyss