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Expedition Leader


An expedition leader has experience leading teams of adventurers into all manner of dungeons and cave systems; the best expedition leaders also have experience leading them out. They lead by example, with careful footing and a watchful eye, and are at home navigating the dark, cramped corridors of the underground world. Proper leadership can make or break any expedition into the unknown.

Level 3Lead By Example

When you select this archetype at 3rd level, choose one of the following benefits:

On Guard

When you use your Rallying Surge to allow a creature to regain hit points, that creature also gains an expertise die on one saving throw it makes in the next minute. The creature chooses whether or not to use the expertise die before making the save, and the die is wasted if not used before the effect ends.

On the Watch

Allies within the radius of your Commanding Presence gain an expertise die on ability checks made to avoid, locate, or disable traps.

Level 7Got Your Back

Starting at 7th level, when an ally falls unconscious while within range of your Commanding Presence, that ally has advantage on the next death saving throw they make (either as a result of taking damage or at the end of their next turn).

Explorer's CodeLevel 7

Also at 7th level, you learn to communicate with your allies using coded language, allowing you to hide additional messages in normal conversation. During the light activity portion of a long rest , you can teach this code to any friendly creature with which you share a language. It takes twice as long to convey a message this way. Observers might be able to detect that you’re speaking in code, but only creatures who’ve been taught the explorer’s code understand it.

11th LevelFollow the Leader

By 11th level, you have developed your leadership style and are confident in your methods. Choose one of the following benefits:


You attune your breathing to the vibrations of the world around you, increasing your ability to sense your immediate surroundings. You and creatures you choose within the radius of your Commanding Presence gain tremorsense to a range of 10 feet.

Speed Run

If an ally starts their turn within the radius of your Commanding Presence, you and that ally increase your Speed by 10 feet until the end of your next turn.

Level 15No Adventurer Left Behind

Starting at 15th level, creatures you choose that stabilize while within the radius of your Commanding Presence also regain hit points equal to your marshal level.

18th LevelTeam Tactics

Starting at 18th level, you can coordinate devastating combos with your companions. When you use your Commanding Presence to allow an ally to make an attack , that ally has advantage on the attack if targeting a creature you have already attacked this turn.