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Chef's Plate

Casting Time
A single serving of food or drink

You instantly learn the ingredients list and preparation method for the item of food or drink targeted by this spell. For one hour after you cast the spell you retain perfect, detailed knowledge sufficient to perfectly recreate the serving of food or drink, including an accurate awareness of any contaminants (including vermin and poisons, but not disease) in the fare. Identifying such contaminants as harmful usually requires a DC 10 Perception check, but the Narrator may use DC 15 for those that are uncommon, DC 20 for rare, or DC 25 for those that are truly unique. If preparing the food requires specialized expertise (such as intricate decorating skills or master-level knife work) you do not acquire these abilities, merely the knowledge that, if you had them, you could reproduce the food item. If you have a medium to write on, you can create an accurate recipe during the hour you retain knowledge of the food or drink.

Rare Versions

Alton’s Learned Palate. You acquire the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to prepare the food or drink (if any) for the time you retain the knowledge of its creation, granting you a 1d6 expertise die on all rolls to prepare it.