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Identify Weapon

Casting Time
One creature or corpse
Concentration ( 1 round )

While casting this spell, you touch a wound on a creature or corpse. If the wound was inflicted by an object, such as a weapon, you know exactly what the specific item looks like for the purposes of spells like locate object . For the duration of the spell you also know the object’s general direction and its current trajectory if it’s traveling.

The spell fails if the wound was inflicted by a creature’s natural weapons, such as fists or claws, or by a spell. The spell also fails if the wound was inflicted more than 3 days ago. If the weapon is more than 5 miles away, has been destroyed, or if there is any thickness of lead in the direct path between you and the object, the spell is unable to provide its direction.

Cast at Higher Levels

Cast at Higher Levels. When using a 3rd-level spell slot, the spell’s duration increases to 10 minutes and it can detect a weapon up to 30 miles away.