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Casting Time
One beast or humanoid that is within range for the entire casting time
a snow or ice copy of the target, a piece of the target's body placed inside the snow or ice, and powdered ruby worth 1,500 gold sprinkled over the duplicate, all consumed by the spell
Until dispelled

You sculpt an illusory duplicate of the target from ice and snow. The duplicate looks exactly like the target and uses all the statistics of the original, though it is formed without any gear, and has only half of the target’s hit point maximum. The duplicate is a creature, can take actions, and be affected like any other creature. If the target is able to cast spells, the duplicate cannot cast spells of 7th-level or higher.

The duplicate is friendly to you and creatures you designate. It follows your spoken commands, and moves and acts on your turn in combat. It is a static creature and it does not learn, age, or grow, so it never increases in levels and cannot regain any spent spell slots.

When the simulacrum is damaged you can repair it in an alchemy lab using components worth 100 gold per hit point it regains. The simulacrum remains until it is reduced to 0 hit points, at which point it crumbles into snow and melts away immediately.

If you cast this spell again, any existing simulacrum you have created with this spell is instantly destroyed.