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Arcanist’s Magic Aura

Casting Time
Willing creature or an unattended object
small patch of silk

You craft an illusion to deceive others about the target’s true magical properties.

Choose one or both of the following effects. When cast upon the same target with the same effect for 30 successive days, it lasts until it is dispelled. 

False Aura: A magical target appears nonmagical, a nonmagical target appears magical, or you change a target’s magical aura so that it appears to belong to a school of magic of your choosing. Additionally, you can choose to make the false magic apparent to any creature that handles the item.

Masking Effect: Choose a creature type. Spells and magical effects that detect creature types (such as a herald’s Divine Sense or the trigger of a symbol spell) treat the target as if it were a creature of that type. Additionally, you can choose to mask the target’s alignment trait (if it has one).

Duration: 24 hours (or until dispelled; see below)

Cast at Higher Levels

When cast using a spell slot of 6th-level or higher the effects last until dispelled with with a bonus action.