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Casting Time
a drop of skin cream
10 minutes

You distort light and colors around yourself so that you are subtly more appealing, masking any untoward marks and blemishes. Until the spell ends or you use an action to dismiss it, you are glamored by an illusion that can slightly alter your appearance. These minor changes include hair style and length, eye coloration, sex, signs of age or tiredness such as crows feet and bags under the eyes, concealing or adding tattoos or other marks or blemishes, and general signs of hygiene and cleanliness. You cannot change the perception of your height or heritage with this spell or disguise yourself as a creature of a different size category, and your limb structure remains the same; for example if you’re bipedal, you can’t use this spell to appear as a quadruped.

The glamour does not hold up to physical inspection. A creature that tries to grab illusory hair, for example, finds its hand passes straight through the figment. To see through your glamour without such an inspection, a creature must use its action to make an Investigation check against your spell save DC.

The duration of this spell increases when you reach 5th level (30 minutes) and 11th level (1 hour).