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Animated Armor


AC 18 (natural armor)

HP 31 (7d8; bloodied 15)

Speed 30 ft.

Proficiency +2; Maneuver DC 12

Damage Resistances piercing

Damage Immunities poison, psychic

Condition Immunities blinded , charmed , deafened , exhaustion , frightened , paralyzed , petrified , poisoned  

Senses blindsight 60 ft. (blind beyond this radius), passive Perception 10


Spell-created. The DC for dispel magic to destroy this creature is 19.

False Appearance. While motionless, the armor is indistinguishable from normal armor.


Weapon. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit:  7 (1d10 + 2) bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, depending on weapon.


Animated objects usually wait immobile until touched or approached, and then attack the closest creature. Some follow more complicated routines. Animated objects follow the commands last given them by their creators and show no initiative.

Variants: Enchanted Objects

Any animated object may possess one of the following traits:

Flaming. The object is immune to fire damage, and any damage it deals is fire damage.

Sentinel. The object's creator receives a mental alarm if the object is destroyed.

Spell Imbued. The creator stores a spell in the object (typically a spell with a level equal to or lower than the object's CR) that triggers once when certain conditions are met. For instance, a rug of smothering might levitate before attacking.

Talkative. The object can pose riddles or answer questions as if it were a sentient creature.

Legends and Lore 

With an Arcana or History check, characters can learn the following:

DC 10 Spellcasters can animate objects as permanent guardians. While nearly anything can be animated, weapons and armor, rugs, and statues are most common. 

DC 15 An animated object can be permanently destroyed with dispel magic . Breaking it into pieces works too.


Only when its visor is lifted can this suit of plate mail be distinguished from a living knight. It clanks and bangs as it patrols, and it sometimes intones hollow battle cries as it attacks, slamming its metal fists into an opponent or wielding a rusty weapon with both hands.


1-3 Immobile, attacking when an intruder comes within a set distance

4 When approached, delivers a riddle or warning with a magic mouth and attacks those that don’t heed it

5 Loudly patrolling or mock-fighting

6 Immobile, attacking only when intruders approach an object or location it guards


Animated objects stand guard in magical laboratories and ancient ruins.

CR 0–2 1d4 flying swords ; 1 or 2 animated armors ; rug of smothering

Treasure 700 sp, silver and agate bracelet (25 gp)

CR 3–4 3 or 4 animated armors ; 2 animated armors with 1d4 flying swords ; walking statue ; rug of smothering with animated armor and 2 flying swords ; flame-spitting statue

Treasure 350 gp, spell scrolls of thunderwave and unseen servant

Monster Type Description

Constructs are beings that were built or made. Some are mindless machines, while others have some form of intelligence. Guardians are constructs.