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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary Source
Acid Splash Cantrip Conjuration Acid, Arcane Conjure a localized bubble of acid that splashes over creatures. Adventurer's Guide
Air Wave 1st Conjuration Air, Weaponry Cut through the air with a melee weapon to damage a creature within 30 feet. Adventurer's Guide
1st Abjuration Arcane, Protection, Scrying, Utility Set a magical warning against intrusion. Adventurer's Guide
Altered Strike Cantrip Transmutation Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed, Weaponry Briefly transform your weapon or fist into another material and strike with it. Adventurer's Guide
Animate Objects 5th Transmutation Arcane, Transformation, Weaponry Create constructs to smite foes. Adventurer's Guide
Arcane Eye 4th Divination Arcane, Scrying Use a magical eye to invisibly scout. Adventurer's Guide
Arcane Lock 2nd Abjuration Arcane, Protection Make a nearly permanent magical lock. Adventurer's Guide
Arcane Muscles Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed Bulk your muscles to deliver lethal unarmed strikes. Adventurer's Guide
Blink 3rd Transmutation Arcane, Planar, Protection Have a 50% chance of vanishing each turn to avoid being harmed. Adventurer's Guide
Blur 2nd Illusion Arcane, Protection, Senses Cloak yourself in distortion, imposing disadvantage on attacks against you. Adventurer's Guide
Burning Hands 1st Evocation Arcane, Fire Shoot forth a sheet of flames from your hands, damaging creatures in a cone. Adventurer's Guide
Calculate Cantrip Divination Enhancement, Law, Technological Instantly know the answer to any mathematical equation. Adventurer's Guide
Calculated Retribution 1st Abjuration Force, Law, Weaponry Surround yourself with a dampening magical field and collect the energy of your foes’ attacks to use against them. Adventurer's Guide
Chill Touch Cantrip Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Attack, Necrotic Attack with the chill of the grave, injuring and preventing healing. Adventurer's Guide
Clairvoyance 3rd Divination Arcane, Divine, Scrying Create a sensor at a distance, allowing you to see or hear through it. Adventurer's Guide
Cobra’s Spit 3rd Conjuration Attack, Poison Spit venom at a creature within 30 feet. Adventurer's Guide
Comprehend Languages
1st Divination Communication, Knowledge Use magic to better interpret languages you do not understand. Adventurer's Guide
Continual Flame 2nd Evocation Arcane, Divine, Fire Create a torch-like flame that can’t be extinguished. Adventurer's Guide
Create Food and Water 3rd Conjuration Divine, Utility Conjure food and water to sustain one or more humanoids. Adventurer's Guide
Creation 5th Illusion Arcane, Shadow Create from shadow-stuff a physical object no larger than a 5-foot cube. Adventurer's Guide
Crushing Haymaker 3rd Evocation Attack, Thunder, Unarmed, Weaponry Deliver a devastating strike that deals thunder damage and lays your target low. Adventurer's Guide
Cure Wounds 1st Evocation Divine, Healing, Nature Heal hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Adventurer's Guide
Dancing Lights Cantrip Evocation Arcane, Utility Create up to four floating, magical lights. Adventurer's Guide
Darkvision 2nd Transmutation Arcane, Nature, Senses Grant a creature the ability to see in the dark. Adventurer's Guide
Deadweight 2nd Transmutation Movement, Transformation Greatly increase the weight of an object. Adventurer's Guide
Detect Magic
1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Nature, Senses Sense the presence and school of magical auras. Adventurer's Guide
Detect Poison and Disease
1st Divination Divine, Nature, Senses Sense the presence and identify poisons and diseases. Adventurer's Guide
Dimension Door 4th Conjuration Arcane, Teleportation Teleport yourself and one willing creature great distances. Adventurer's Guide
Disguise Self 1st Illusion Arcane, Obscurement Create an illusion that makes you appear like another humanoid. Adventurer's Guide
Dispel Magic 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Negation, Protection, Utility End ongoing magical effects. Adventurer's Guide
Eldritch Cube 5th Conjuration Law, Psychic Summon a black, nonreflective, incorporeal cube that deals psychic damage to creatures that touch it. Adventurer's Guide
Enhance Ability 2nd Transmutation Enhancement Increase the effectiveness of one ability score for a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Enlarge/Reduce 2nd Transmutation Affliction, Arcane, Enhancement, Transformation Increase or decrease a creature’s size. Adventurer's Guide
Fabricate 4th Transmutation Arcane, Transformation Magically transform raw materials into finished items. Adventurer's Guide
Feather Fall 1st Transmutation Arcane, Protection Reduce or eliminate damage from falling. Adventurer's Guide
Find Traps 2nd Divination Divine, Protection, Senses, Technological, Utility Know whether traps are present. Adventurer's Guide
Fire Bolt Cantrip Evocation Arcane, Fire Shoot a flame at a creature to deal fire damage. Adventurer's Guide
Fireball 3rd Evocation Arcane, Fire Engulf an area in a blast of flame that deals 6d6 fire damage. Adventurer's Guide
Flame Blade 2nd Evocation Attack, Fire, Weaponry A blade of fire appears in your hand, allowing you to make fire attacks. Adventurer's Guide
Fly 3rd Transmutation Arcane, Movement Grant a creature the ability to fly. Adventurer's Guide
Fog Cloud 1st Conjuration Arcane, Obscurement, Weather Create an area of fog. Adventurer's Guide
Force Punch 1st Evocation Attack, Force, Unarmed Use a blast of magic to punch a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Freedom of Movement 4th Abjuration Divine, Movement, Protection, Water Free a creature from most constraints on its movement. Adventurer's Guide
Gaseous Form 3rd Transmutation Air, Arcane, Movement Make a creature insubstantial and able to fly. Adventurer's Guide
Glyph of Warding 3rd Abjuration Utility Create a magical trap, storing a spell or burst of harmful energy within a rune. Adventurer's Guide
Grease 1st Conjuration Arcane, Earth Coat an area in grease, making it hard to move through. Adventurer's Guide
Greater Invisibility 4th Illusion Arcane, Obscurement, Shadow Turn a creature invisible even while it takes hostile actions. Adventurer's Guide
Greater Restoration 5th Abjuration Divine, Healing Restore a creature and remove a powerful debilitating effect. Adventurer's Guide
Guidance Cantrip Divination Divine, Knowledge A creature you touch gains an expertise die on an ability check of its choosing. Adventurer's Guide
Gust of Wind 2nd Evocation Air, Nature Create a powerful gust of wind that disperses clouds and pushes creatures. Adventurer's Guide