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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary Source
Reopen Rift 6th Conjuration Arcane, Divine, Law, Teleportation Magically follow creatures that teleported within the last 24 hours. Gate Pass Gazette
Resistance Cantrip Abjuration Nature, Protection Give a creature a bonus against one saving throw. Adventurer's Guide
Revivify 3rd Necromancy Divine, Healing Return a creature to life who has been dead for less than a minute. Adventurer's Guide
Shield of Faith 1st Abjuration Divine, Protection Bestow holy protection upon a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Silver Shield 3rd Illusion Arcane, Divine, Law Magically conceal the identity of a shield wearer. Gate Pass Gazette
Spellbound Oath 6th Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Bind two creatures in an arcane agreement Gate Pass Gazette
Stone Sentinel 5th Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Law, Transformation Create a walking statue that enforces the law. Gate Pass Gazette
Stonesense 3rd Divination Arcane, Divine, Earth, Nature Gain a preternatural understanding of stone. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Sufferer's Pact 3rd Evocation Divine, Force, Healing Deal force damage to a creature in order to grant it temporary hit points. Gate Pass Gazette
Sufferer's Strike 2nd Evocation Affliction, Attack, Divine, Force Deal 2d8 force damage and an additional 1d8 for every level of fatigue and strife you have. Gate Pass Gazette
Thaumaturgy Cantrip Transmutation Divine, Enhancement Manifest a minor magical effect to display divine power. Adventurer's Guide
Trace Magic Aura 3rd Divination Arcane, Divine, Law, Senses Discover what spells were cast within the last few hours. Gate Pass Gazette
Transfer Exhaustion 2nd Transmutation Affliction, Divine, Healing Transfer levels of fatigue or strife from a creature to yourself. Gate Pass Gazette
Transmute Exhaustion 2nd Transmutation Affliction, Divine, Healing Turn a target’s levels of fatigue into strife or vice-versa. Gate Pass Gazette
Traveler’s Ward 1st Abjuration Protection, Sound Protect a creature from pickpockets. Adventurer's Guide
True Strike Cantrip Divination Arcane, Attack, Enhancement Gain advantage on attacks against a single creature. Adventurer's Guide
Wind Up 1st Evocation Enhancement Magically ensure that your next melee attack strikes true. Adventurer's Guide
Zone of Truth 2nd Enchantment Communication, Compulsion, Law Create a zone that minimizes spoken deceptions. Adventurer's Guide