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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary Source
Haste 3rd Transmutation Enhancement, Time Allow a creature to move and act more quickly. Adventurer's Guide
Heat Metal 2nd Transmutation Affliction, Fire, Nature Make a metallic object too hot to touch. Adventurer's Guide
Hold Person 2nd Enchantment Affliction, Arcane Paralyze a humanoid. Adventurer's Guide
1st Divination Arcane, Knowledge Divine the nature of an enchanted item. Adventurer's Guide
Invigorated Strikes 2nd Transmutation Attack, Enhancement, Unarmed Increase the damage dealt by a creature’s unarmed strikes and natural weapons. Adventurer's Guide
Invisibility 2nd Illusion Arcane, Obscurement, Shadow Render a creature invisible so long as it does not attack or cast spells. Adventurer's Guide
Jump 1st Transmutation Enhancement, Movement Imbue a creature with astonish leaping abilities. Adventurer's Guide
Lesser Restoration 2nd Abjuration Divine, Good, Healing Remove one affliction from a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Light Cantrip Evocation Arcane, Utility Enchant one object to emit light. Adventurer's Guide
Lightning Bolt 3rd Evocation Arcane, Lightning, Nature, Storm Shoot lighting through multiple enemies. Adventurer's Guide
Locate Creature 4th Divination Arcane, Beasts, Knowledge, Plants Know the whereabouts of a specific, nearby creature. Adventurer's Guide
Longstrider 1st Transmutation Movement, Utility Increase a creature’s walking speed. Adventurer's Guide
Mage Hand Cantrip Conjuration Arcane, Utility Conjure a hand to manipulate small objects. Adventurer's Guide
Magic Weapon 2nd Transmutation Arcane, Enhancement, Transformation, Weaponry Imbue a weapon with magic, making it more powerful. Adventurer's Guide
Mending Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Transformation, Utility Perform simple repairs on an object. Adventurer's Guide
Message Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Communication Send short messages to other creatures. Adventurer's Guide
Mindshield 4th Abjuration Protection, Psychic Grant resistance to psychic damage and protection from charms and fear. Adventurer's Guide
Misty Step 2nd Conjuration Arcane, Chaos, Movement, Teleportation Teleport short distances in a puff of shimmering mist. Adventurer's Guide
Polymorph 4th Transmutation Affliction, Arcane, Beasts, Nature, Shapechanging, Transformation Temporarily transform a creature into another creature. Adventurer's Guide
Prestidigitation Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Utility Perform various minor magical tricks. Adventurer's Guide
Produce Flame Cantrip Conjuration Attack, Fire, Nature, Utility Create a fierce flame for utility or attack. Adventurer's Guide
Protection from Energy 2nd Abjuration Arcane, Divine, Protection Grant a creature resistance to one damage type of your choice. Adventurer's Guide
Purify Food and Drink
1st Transmutation Divine, Nature, Negation Cleanse food and drink of poisons and disease. Adventurer's Guide
Rage of the Meek 4th Transmutation Force, Protection Become a fearsome arcane-empowered warrior. Adventurer's Guide
Ray of Frost Cantrip Evocation Arcane, Cold, Movement Shoot a ray of cold damage that slows a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Resistance Cantrip Abjuration Nature, Protection Give a creature a bonus against one saving throw. Adventurer's Guide
Revivify 3rd Necromancy Divine, Healing Return a creature to life who has been dead for less than a minute. Adventurer's Guide
Searing Equation 1st Enchantment Affliction, Law, Psychic Whisper an alien equation that injures the minds of creatures and deafens them. Adventurer's Guide
See Invisibility 2nd Divination Arcane, Enhancement, Senses See invisible creatures and objects. Adventurer's Guide
Shatter 2nd Evocation Arcane, Sound, Thunder Create a painful ringing sound that damages all creatures and objects in an area. Adventurer's Guide
Shocking Grasp Cantrip Evocation Affliction, Arcane, Attack, Lightning Deal lightning damage to a creature within reach. Adventurer's Guide
Spare the Dying Cantrip Necromancy Divine, Healing Stabilize a dying creature with a jolt of healing energy. Adventurer's Guide
Spider Climb 2nd Transmutation Arcane, Movement, Utility Give a creature the ability to walk on walls or ceilings, hands free. Adventurer's Guide
Stone Shape 4th Transmutation Nature, Transformation Reshape stone into something beneficial, like a weapon or door. Adventurer's Guide
Stoneskin 4th Abjuration Arcane, Nature, Protection Make a creature resistant to weapon damage. Adventurer's Guide
Storm Kick 5th Transmutation Lightning, Movement, Thunder, Unarmed Travel across the battlefield to deliver a thunderous kick. Adventurer's Guide
Teleportation Circle 5th Conjuration Arcane, Teleportation Draw a circle and open a shimmering portal to another location. Adventurer's Guide
Thunderwave 1st Evocation Arcane, Nature, Thunder Unleash a wave of thunderous force that damages creatures and pushes them back. Adventurer's Guide
Wall of Fire 4th Evocation Arcane, Attack, Divine, Fire, Protection Create a wall of fire in the shape of a line or circle that both obscures sight and deals fire damage. Adventurer's Guide
Wall of Force 5th Evocation Arcane, Force, Planar, Protection, Utility Create a wall of invisible force in the shape of a hemisphere, sphere, or flat surface that is almost invulnerable. Adventurer's Guide
Wall of Stone 5th Evocation Arcane, Divine, Earth, Obscurement, Protection, Terrain, Utility Create a wall, bridge, or ramp of nonmagical stone. Adventurer's Guide
Water Breathing
3rd Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Enhancement, Utility, Water Grant up to 10 willing creatures the ability to breathe underwater for 24 hours. Adventurer's Guide
Water Walk
3rd Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Enhancement, Movement, Utility, Water Grant up to 10 willing creatures the ability to walk on liquid surfaces as if they were solid ground for 1 hour. Adventurer's Guide
Web 2nd Conjuration Arcane, Movement, Obscurement Conjure a 20-foot cube or 5-foot layer of sticky webbing that restrains creatures and is flammable. Adventurer's Guide