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Allosaurus 3 Huge Beast Grassland, Jungle, Mountains, Swamp
Ankylosaurus 3 Huge Beast Grassland, Jungle, Mountains, Swamp
Ape 1/2 Medium Beast Jungle
Axe Beak 1/4 Large Beast Forest, Grassland, Swamp
Babe The Blue Ox 4 Huge Beast NPCUnique Forest, Grassland, Hills
Baboon 0 Small Beast Grassland, Jungle
Badger 0 Tiny Beast Forest, Grassland
Bat 0 Tiny Beast Caverns, Forest
Black Bear 1/2 Medium Beast Forest, Mountains
Bloodhawk 1/8 Small Beast Desert, Forest, Grassland, Hills, Jungle, Mountains, Swamp, Tundra
Boar 1/4 Medium Beast Forest
Brown Bear 1 Large Beast Feywild, Forest, Mountains
Bunyip 8 Huge Beast Feywild, Swamp, Water
Caliban 2 Medium Beast NPCUnique Forest
Camel 1/8 Large Beast Desert, Settlement
Cat 0 Tiny Beast Settlement
Cave Bear 2 Large Beast Caverns
Chupacabra 13 Large Beast Unique Desert, Grassland, Hills
Constrictor Snake 1/4 Large Beast Jungle, Swamp
Crab 0 Tiny Beast Water
Crocodile 1/2 Large Beast Swamp, Water
Deer 0 Medium Beast Feywild, Forest, Grassland
Diplodocus 7 Gargantuan Beast Grassland, Jungle, Mountains, Swamp
Dire Centipede 2 Large Beast Caverns, Ruin
Dire Tyrannosaurus Rex 8 Huge Beast Elite Grassland, Jungle, Mountains, Swamp
Dire Wolf 1 Large Beast Feywild, Forest, Grassland, Hills, Mountains, Tundra
Diseased Giant Rat 1/8 Small Beast Caverns, Forest, Ruin, Settlement, Sewer, Swamp
Draft Horse 1/4 Large Beast Settlement
Drop Bear 3 Large Beast Tundra
Eagle 0 Small Beast Hills, Mountains
Elephant 4 Huge Beast Desert, Forest, Grassland, Jungle
Elk 1/4 Large Beast Forest, Tundra
Fenrir 33 Gargantuan Beast NPCUnique Ethereal Plane, Ruin
Flying Snake 1/8 Tiny Beast Desert, Feywild, Jungle, Swamp
Frog 0 Tiny Beast Jungle, Swamp
Giant Ape 7 Huge Beast Forest, Jungle
Giant Badger 1/4 Medium Beast Forest, Grassland
Giant Bat 1/4 Large Beast Caverns
Giant Boar 2 Large Beast Feywild, Forest
Giant Centipede 1/4 Small Beast Caverns, Ruin
Giant Constrictor Snake 2 Huge Beast Jungle, Swamp
Giant Crab 1/8 Medium Beast Water
Giant Crocodile 5 Huge Beast Swamp, Water
Giant Eagle 1 Large Beast Feywild, Hills, Mountains
Giant Elk 2 Huge Beast Forest, Tundra
Giant Fire Beetle 0 Small Beast Caverns
Giant Frog 1/4 Medium Beast Jungle, Swamp, Water
Giant Goat 1/2 Large Beast Hills, Mountains
Giant Hyena 1 Large Beast Desert, Grassland, Ruin, Shadowfell
Giant Lizard 1/4 Large Beast Desert, Grassland, Jungle, Ruin, Swamp