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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary
Aid 2nd Abjuration Divine, Enhancement Boost the hit points of allies.
Altered Strike Cantrip Transmutation Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed, Weaponry Briefly transform your weapon or fist into another material and strike with it.
Arcane Muscles Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed Bulk your muscles to deliver lethal unarmed strikes.
Banishment 4th Abjuration Affliction, Planar Send a creature to another plane.
Beautify Creature 1st Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Enhancement, Utility Grant the target an expertise die to Persuasion and Performance by beautifully grooming it.
Bless 1st Enchantment Divine, Enhancement Bless a number of creatures, improving their attack rolls and saving throws.
Blood-Writ Bargain
3rd Conjuration Evil, Good, Law, Planar, Summoning Create a pact enforced by celestials or fiends.
Calculated Retribution 1st Abjuration Force, Law, Weaponry Surround yourself with a dampening magical field and collect the energy of your foes’ attacks to use against them.
1st Evocation Divine Perform a religious ceremony for a funeral, last rites, offering, purification, or rite of passage.
Command 1st Enchantment Compulsion, Divine Compel a creature to follow a one-word command.
Create Food and Water 3rd Conjuration Divine, Utility Conjure food and water to sustain one or more humanoids.
Create or Destroy Water 1st Transmutation Divine, Utility, Water Create or destroy up to 10 gallons of water.
Crushing Haymaker 3rd Evocation Attack, Thunder, Unarmed, Weaponry Deliver a devastating strike that deals thunder damage and lays your target low.
Cure Wounds 1st Evocation Divine, Healing, Nature Heal hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
Daylight 3rd Evocation Arcane, Divine, Nature Fill an area with magical daylight.
Deadweight 2nd Transmutation Movement, Transformation Greatly increase the weight of an object.
Death Ward 4th Abjuration Divine, Protection Grant a creature a one-time escape from death.
Detect Evil and Good 1st Divination Divine, Senses Sense the presence and nature of otherworldly influences.
Detect Magic
1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Nature, Senses Sense the presence and school of magical auras.
Detect Poison and Disease
1st Divination Divine, Nature, Senses Sense the presence and identify poisons and diseases.
Dispel Evil and Good 5th Abjuration Divine, Protection Gain protection from otherworldly foes and abilities to combat them.
Dispel Magic 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Negation, Protection, Utility End ongoing magical effects.
Divine Favor 1st Evocation Attack, Divine, Radiant, Weaponry Deal bonus radiant damage with your attacks.
Eavesdrop 4th Divination Arcane, Divine, Law, Scrying, Senses Create a long-lasting magical sensor that transmits sounds.
Find Steed 2nd Conjuration Beasts, Divine, Summoning Summon a spirit that takes the form of a mount.
Force of Will 2nd Abjuration Protection Reduce the damage dealt by an attack.
Geas 5th Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion, Divine, Law Give a creature a command with an extremely long duration.
Guidance Cantrip Divination Divine, Knowledge A creature you touch gains an expertise die on an ability check of its choosing.
Heroism 1st Enchantment Enhancement Imbue a creature with bravery and vigor.
Identify Weapon 1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Knowledge, Law, Weaponry Learn what weapon that was used to inflict a wound.
Lesser Restoration 2nd Abjuration Divine, Good, Healing Remove one affliction from a creature.
Light Cantrip Evocation Arcane, Utility Enchant one object to emit light.
Locate Creature 4th Divination Arcane, Beasts, Knowledge, Plants Know the whereabouts of a specific, nearby creature.
Locate Object 2nd Divination Arcane, Knowledge, Utility Know the whereabouts of a specific, nearby object.
Magic Circle 3rd Abjuration Compulsion, Protection Create a protective cylinder of magic.
Magic Weapon 2nd Transmutation Arcane, Enhancement, Transformation, Weaponry Imbue a weapon with magic, making it more powerful.
Mending Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Transformation, Utility Perform simple repairs on an object.
Mental Grip 2nd Conjuration Affliction Conjure extensions of your own mental fortitude to keep your foes at bay.
Message Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Communication Send short messages to other creatures.
Protection from Evil and Good 1st Abjuration Arcane, Divine, Protection Protect a creature from certain creature types.
Protection from Poison 2nd Abjuration Divine, Nature, Negation, Protection Protect a creature from poison, and purge any poisons from their system.
Purify Food and Drink
1st Transmutation Divine, Nature, Negation Cleanse food and drink of poisons and disease.
Raise Dead 5th Necromancy Divine, Healing Return a recently-dead creature to life.
Remove Curse 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Divine, Negation Remove all curses from a creature.
Reopen Rift 6th Conjuration Arcane, Divine, Law, Teleportation Magically follow creatures that teleported within the last 24 hours.
Resistance Cantrip Abjuration Nature, Protection Give a creature a bonus against one saving throw.
Revivify 3rd Necromancy Divine, Healing Return a creature to life who has been dead for less than a minute.
Shield of Faith 1st Abjuration Divine, Protection Bestow holy protection upon a creature.
Silver Shield 3rd Illusion Arcane, Divine, Law Magically conceal the identity of a shield wearer.
Stone Sentinel 5th Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Law, Transformation Create a walking statue that enforces the law.