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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary Source
Aid 2nd Abjuration Divine, Enhancement Boost the hit points of allies. Adventurer's Guide
Angel Paradox 7th Evocation Radiant, Undead Deal 40 radiant damage that ignores resistances and protects a corpse from being turned into undead. Adventurer's Guide
Animate Dead 3rd Necromancy Necrotic, Summoning, Undead Create undead to do your bidding. Adventurer's Guide
Antimagic Field 8th Abjuration Arcane, Negation, Planar, Protection Negate magic within a small area. Adventurer's Guide
Antimagic Zone 9th Abjuration Arcane, Divine, Negation, Planar, Protection Negate magic permanently. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Arcane Mirror 4th Divination Arcane, Communication, Divine, Scrying, Utility Scry through a distant mirror. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Arcane Muscles Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed Bulk your muscles to deliver lethal unarmed strikes. Adventurer's Guide
Astral Projection 9th Necromancy Movement, Planar, Utility Travel the astral plane. Adventurer's Guide
Augury 2nd Divination Communication, Divine, Scrying, Time Consult fate. Adventurer's Guide
Awaken Portal 4th Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Protection Impart sentience to a door. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Bane 1st Enchantment Affliction Cause enemies to be distracted from their attacks. Adventurer's Guide
Banishment 4th Abjuration Affliction, Planar Send a creature to another plane. Adventurer's Guide
Beacon of Hope 3rd Abjuration Divine, Protection Fill a creature with hope and vitality, improving saving throws and healing. Adventurer's Guide
Beautify Creature 1st Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Enhancement, Utility Grant the target an expertise die to Persuasion and Performance by beautifully grooming it. Gate Pass Gazette
Bestow Curse 3rd Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Divine, Necrotic Lay a curse upon a creature, giving it potentially long-lasting penalties. Adventurer's Guide
Blade Barrier 6th Evocation Divine, Protection, Weaponry Create an offensive and defensive wall of slashing blades. Adventurer's Guide
Bless 1st Enchantment Divine, Enhancement Bless a number of creatures, improving their attack rolls and saving throws. Adventurer's Guide
Blindness/Deafness 2nd Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Divine, Senses Strike a creature blind or deaf. Adventurer's Guide
Blood-Writ Bargain
3rd Conjuration Evil, Good, Law, Planar, Summoning Create a pact enforced by celestials or fiends. Adventurer's Guide
Burst of Strength 1st Transmutation Enhancement, Movement, Protection Take a level of fatigue in order to break a grapple. Gate Pass Gazette
Calculated Retribution 1st Abjuration Force, Law, Weaponry Surround yourself with a dampening magical field and collect the energy of your foes’ attacks to use against them. Adventurer's Guide
Calm Emotions 2nd Enchantment Divine, Negation Suppress strong and harmful emotions, negating effects or sapping aggression. Adventurer's Guide
1st Evocation Divine Perform a religious ceremony for a funeral, last rites, offering, purification, or rite of passage. Adventurer's Guide
Chef's Plate 1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Protection, Utility Learn how to prepare targeted food or drink. Gate Pass Gazette
Clairvoyance 3rd Divination Arcane, Divine, Scrying Create a sensor at a distance, allowing you to see or hear through it. Adventurer's Guide
Command 1st Enchantment Compulsion, Divine Compel a creature to follow a one-word command. Adventurer's Guide
5th Divination Divine, Knowledge, Planar Reach out to beyond the realms material to answer your questions. Adventurer's Guide
Conjure Celestial 7th Conjuration Divine, Good, Summoning Summon an angelic being to your aid. Adventurer's Guide
Consume Vigor 4th Necromancy Healing, Necrotic Deal necrotic damage and potentially reduce your own strife and fatigue. Gate Pass Gazette
Contagion 5th Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Nature Afflict a creature with disease. Adventurer's Guide
Continual Flame 2nd Evocation Arcane, Divine, Fire Create a torch-like flame that can’t be extinguished. Adventurer's Guide
Control Water 4th Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Nature, Terrain, Water A body of water moves at your command. Adventurer's Guide
Control Weather 8th Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Nature, Weather Alter the weather in a 5-mile radius. Adventurer's Guide
Corpse Explosion 1st Evocation Poison, Thunder Make a corpse explode in a poisonous cloud. Adventurer's Guide
Create Food and Water 3rd Conjuration Divine, Utility Conjure food and water to sustain one or more humanoids. Adventurer's Guide
Create or Destroy Water 1st Transmutation Divine, Utility, Water Create or destroy up to 10 gallons of water. Adventurer's Guide
Create Undead 6th Necromancy Arcane, Divine, Undead Raise three or fewer humanoid corpses as ghouls. Adventurer's Guide
Crushing Haymaker 3rd Evocation Attack, Thunder, Unarmed, Weaponry Deliver a devastating strike that deals thunder damage and lays your target low. Adventurer's Guide
Cure Wounds 1st Evocation Divine, Healing, Nature Heal hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Adventurer's Guide
Daylight 3rd Evocation Arcane, Divine, Nature Fill an area with magical daylight. Adventurer's Guide
Death Ward 4th Abjuration Divine, Protection Grant a creature a one-time escape from death. Adventurer's Guide
Detect Evil and Good 1st Divination Divine, Senses Sense the presence and nature of otherworldly influences. Adventurer's Guide
Detect Magic
1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Nature, Senses Sense the presence and school of magical auras. Adventurer's Guide
Detect Poison and Disease
1st Divination Divine, Nature, Senses Sense the presence and identify poisons and diseases. Adventurer's Guide
Dispel Evil and Good 5th Abjuration Divine, Protection Gain protection from otherworldly foes and abilities to combat them. Adventurer's Guide
Dispel Magic 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Negation, Protection, Utility End ongoing magical effects. Adventurer's Guide
4th Divination Communication, Divine, Knowledge, Time Ask a higher power about the future. Adventurer's Guide
Divine Word 7th Evocation Affliction, Divine Hamper and possibly destroy otherworldly foes. Adventurer's Guide
Draining Nova 4th Necromancy Affliction, Healing, Necrotic Heal 1d8 hit points for each level of fatigue you inflict. Gate Pass Gazette
Earthquake 8th Evocation Earth, Terrain Shake the ground to damage creatures and structures. Adventurer's Guide