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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary Source
Fly 3rd Transmutation Arcane, Movement Grant a creature the ability to fly. Adventurer's Guide
Force Punch 1st Evocation Attack, Force, Unarmed Use a blast of magic to punch a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Forcecage 7th Evocation Arcane, Force, Planar, Teleportation Creatures in the area are trapped in an invisible cube of force. Adventurer's Guide
Foresight 9th Divination Arcane, Senses, Time Grant preternatural awareness to a creature that makes it immune to being surprised and grants it advantage on checks. Adventurer's Guide
Friends Cantrip Enchantment Arcane Gain an expertise die on a Charisma check. Adventurer's Guide
Gaseous Form 3rd Transmutation Air, Arcane, Movement Make a creature insubstantial and able to fly. Adventurer's Guide
Gate from Beyond 3rd Conjuration Arcane, Teleportation Create a short-range portal for multiple creatures in exchange for suffering strife. Gate Pass Gazette
Glamour Cantrip Illusion Enhancement, Obscurement, Prismatic Distort light to subtly change your appearance. Gate Pass Gazette
Glibness 8th Transmutation Communication, Enhancement, Obscurement Gain a bonus to Charisma checks and lie even under magical detection. Adventurer's Guide
Hallucinatory Terrain 4th Illusion Obscurement, Terrain Cloak natural terrain in an illusion that transforms it. Adventurer's Guide
Heart of Dis 8th Necromancy Enhancement, Evil, Fear, Law, Planar, Protection Magically replace your heart with one forged on the second layer of Hell. Adventurer's Guide
Hex 1st Enchantment Affliction Lay a mild curse which weakens one ability score. Other
Hold Monster 5th Enchantment Affliction, Arcane Paralyze a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Hold Person 2nd Enchantment Affliction, Arcane Paralyze a humanoid. Adventurer's Guide
Hypnotic Pattern 3rd Illusion Arcane, Prismatic Create a beguiling pattern in the air that charms and incapacitates its viewers. Adventurer's Guide
Illusory Script 1st Illusion Arcane, Communication Hide a message with illusion. Adventurer's Guide
Imprisonment 9th Abjuration Affliction, Arcane Imprison a creature with one of several powerful binding effects. Adventurer's Guide
Infernal Weapon 6th Conjuration Attack, Cold, Evil, Fire Summon a weapon from Hell. Adventurer's Guide
Invigorated Strikes 2nd Transmutation Attack, Enhancement, Unarmed Increase the damage dealt by a creature’s unarmed strikes and natural weapons. Adventurer's Guide
Invisibility 2nd Illusion Arcane, Obscurement, Shadow Render a creature invisible so long as it does not attack or cast spells. Adventurer's Guide
Invisible Object
3rd Illusion Arcane, Obscurement, Shadow Turn an object invisible. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Lemure Transformation 2nd Transmutation Transformation Melt your body into a humanoid-shaped mass of liquid flesh. Adventurer's Guide
Mage Hand Cantrip Conjuration Arcane, Utility Conjure a hand to manipulate small objects. Adventurer's Guide
Magic Circle 3rd Abjuration Compulsion, Protection Create a protective cylinder of magic. Adventurer's Guide
Magic Map 2nd Divination Arcane, Knowledge, Nature Create a map showing the route you’ve traveled. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Major Image 3rd Illusion Arcane, Chaos Create a large, realistic illusion. Adventurer's Guide
Mass Suggestion 6th Enchantment Arcane, Chaos, Compulsion Convince up to 12 creatures to carry out a simple instruction. Adventurer's Guide
Mental Grip 2nd Conjuration Affliction Conjure extensions of your own mental fortitude to keep your foes at bay. Adventurer's Guide
Minor Illusion Cantrip Illusion Arcane, Chaos Create a small, limited illusion. Adventurer's Guide
Mirror Image 2nd Illusion Arcane, Chaos, Obscurement Transform an area of terrain with a convincing, immersive illusion. Adventurer's Guide
Misty Step 2nd Conjuration Arcane, Chaos, Movement, Teleportation Teleport short distances in a puff of shimmering mist. Adventurer's Guide
Muddle Cantrip Enchantment Affliction, Psychic Inflict a temporary level of strife or fatigue. Gate Pass Gazette
Pestilence Cantrip Conjuration Nature, Summoning Fill a 10-foot sphere with biting insects that damage creatures and some objects. Adventurer's Guide
Phantasmal Talons 1st Enchantment Psychic, Unarmed Sprout invisible talons of pure will from your fingers. Adventurer's Guide
Pigment Cloud 2nd Evocation Arcane, Obscurement, Prismatic Create a cloud of colorful pigment, causing affected creatures to leave a trail. Gate Pass Gazette
Planar Ally 6th Conjuration Divine, Planar, Summoning Entreat cosmic forces for assistance and summon forth an ally—for a price. Adventurer's Guide
Plane Shift 7th Conjuration Arcane, Divine, Nature, Planar, Teleportation, Utility Transport yourself and allies to another plane of existence or banish an enemy there instead. Adventurer's Guide
Poison Skin 3rd Abjuration Nature, Poison, Protection Make a creature brightly colored and poisonous to the touch. Adventurer's Guide
Power Word Kill 9th Enchantment Arcane, Attack Slay a creature with a single word. Adventurer's Guide
Power Word Stun 8th Enchantment Affliction, Arcane Stun a creature with a single word. Adventurer's Guide
Prestidigitation Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Utility Perform various minor magical tricks. Adventurer's Guide
Prismatic Mess 5th Evocation Arcane, Prismatic Unleash a disorderly burst of colorful energy that deals various types of damage and harmful effects Gate Pass Gazette
Protection from Evil and Good 1st Abjuration Arcane, Divine, Protection Protect a creature from certain creature types. Adventurer's Guide
Raise Hell 9th Transmutation Evil, Law, Terrain Transform the land around you into a blasted hellscape. Adventurer's Guide
Ray of Enfeeblement 2nd Necromancy Arcane, Necrotic Shoot a ray of necrotic damage that weakens a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Remove Curse 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Divine, Negation Remove all curses from a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Resplendent Refraction 4th Transmutation Prismatic, Protection, Radiant Cause a creature’s skin to become reflective, enabling it to shoot beams of fire Gate Pass Gazette
Scrying 5th Divination Arcane, Divine, Nature, Scrying Observe a creature on the same plane of existence as you. Adventurer's Guide
Searing Equation 1st Enchantment Affliction, Law, Psychic Whisper an alien equation that injures the minds of creatures and deafens them. Adventurer's Guide
Shatter 2nd Evocation Arcane, Sound, Thunder Create a painful ringing sound that damages all creatures and objects in an area. Adventurer's Guide