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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary Source
Abstraction 2nd Transmutation Affliction, Prismatic, Transformation Hamper a creature’s reactions by transforming it into a simplistic version of itself. Gate Pass Gazette
Accelerando 4th Transmutation Enhancement, Movement, Sound, Time Play a jaunty tune that instills swiftness into up to 6 creatures. Adventurer's Guide
Air Wave 1st Conjuration Air, Weaponry Cut through the air with a melee weapon to damage a creature within 30 feet. Adventurer's Guide
Altered Strike Cantrip Transmutation Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed, Weaponry Briefly transform your weapon or fist into another material and strike with it. Adventurer's Guide
Animal Friendship 1st Enchantment Beasts, Compulsion, Nature Befriend an animal. Adventurer's Guide
Animal Messenger
2nd Enchantment Beasts, Communication, Nature Use a Tiny creature as a magical messenger. Adventurer's Guide
Animate Objects 5th Transmutation Arcane, Transformation, Weaponry Create constructs to smite foes. Adventurer's Guide
Animate Painting 6th Transmutation Planar, Prismatic, Transformation, Utility Create an extraplanar space from an existing painting Gate Pass Gazette
Arcane Mirror 4th Divination Arcane, Communication, Divine, Scrying, Utility Scry through a distant mirror. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Arcane Riposte 1st Evocation Arcane, Attack Respond to a melee attack with a damaging blast of elemental magic. Adventurer's Guide
Arcane Sword 7th Evocation Arcane, Attack, Force, Summoning, Weaponry Create a deadly sword-shaped force that attacks at your command. Adventurer's Guide
Aspect of the Moon 3rd Transmutation Enhancement, Nature, Transformation, Unarmed, Weaponry Adopt a number of traits similar to a werewolf. Adventurer's Guide
Awaken 5th Transmutation Beasts, Enhancement, Nature, Plants Impart sentience to a creature or plant. Adventurer's Guide
Awaken Portal 4th Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Protection Impart sentience to a door. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Bane 1st Enchantment Affliction Cause enemies to be distracted from their attacks. Adventurer's Guide
Battlecry Ballad 3rd Abjuration Enhancement, Sound Transform your bardic inspiration into a rallying cry that enhances the attacks of your allies. Adventurer's Guide
Beautify Creature 1st Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Enhancement, Utility Grant the target an expertise die to Persuasion and Performance by beautifully grooming it. Gate Pass Gazette
Bestow Curse 3rd Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Divine, Necrotic Lay a curse upon a creature, giving it potentially long-lasting penalties. Adventurer's Guide
Blindness/Deafness 2nd Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Divine, Senses Strike a creature blind or deaf. Adventurer's Guide
Burst of Strength 1st Transmutation Enhancement, Movement, Protection Take a level of fatigue in order to break a grapple. Gate Pass Gazette
Calm Emotions 2nd Enchantment Divine, Negation Suppress strong and harmful emotions, negating effects or sapping aggression. Adventurer's Guide
Charm Monster 4th Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Make a creature view you as a trusted friend. Adventurer's Guide
Charm Person 1st Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Force a humanoid to view you as a trusted friend for a short time. Adventurer's Guide
Chef's Plate 1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Protection, Utility Learn how to prepare targeted food or drink. Gate Pass Gazette
Chromatic Beam 2nd Evocation Arcane, Prismatic Refract light through a gemstone to produce a ray of the chosen energy type. Gate Pass Gazette
Circular Breathing Cantrip Transmutation Air, Enhancement, Water Breathe and sing underwater, and regulate your breath to avoid harmful gases. Adventurer's Guide
Clairvoyance 3rd Divination Arcane, Divine, Scrying Create a sensor at a distance, allowing you to see or hear through it. Adventurer's Guide
Comprehend Languages
1st Divination Communication, Knowledge Use magic to better interpret languages you do not understand. Adventurer's Guide
Confusion 4th Enchantment Affliction, Chaos, Compulsion Strike confusion into the minds of your enemies, making them act randomly. Adventurer's Guide
Convenient Retrieval Cantrip Conjuration Arcane, Utility Instantly retrieve an item from a container. Gate Pass Gazette
Cure Wounds 1st Evocation Divine, Healing, Nature Heal hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Adventurer's Guide
Dancing Feet 5th Enchantment Affliction, Arcane, Compulsion Force creatures to dance Gate Pass Gazette
Dancing Lights Cantrip Evocation Arcane, Utility Create up to four floating, magical lights. Adventurer's Guide
Dementing Touch 5th Enchantment Affliction, Evil Plague a creature’s mind to inflict strife. Gate Pass Gazette
Detect Magic
1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Nature, Senses Sense the presence and school of magical auras. Adventurer's Guide
Detect Thoughts 2nd Divination Arcane, Senses, Telepathy Read the minds of nearby thinking creatures. Adventurer's Guide
Dimension Door 4th Conjuration Arcane, Teleportation Teleport yourself and one willing creature great distances. Adventurer's Guide
Disguise Self 1st Illusion Arcane, Obscurement Create an illusion that makes you appear like another humanoid. Adventurer's Guide
Dispel Magic 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Negation, Protection, Utility End ongoing magical effects. Adventurer's Guide
Dominate Monster 8th Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Take over the mind of a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Dominate Person 5th Enchantment Compulsion Take over the mind of a humanoid. Adventurer's Guide
Dramatic Sting 1st Enchantment Fear, Psychic, Sound Frighten a creature by echoing its movements with ominous music and terrifying sound effects. Adventurer's Guide
Dream 5th Illusion Affliction, Communication Invade a creature’s dreams to communicate with and possibly terrorize it. Adventurer's Guide
Enhance Ability 2nd Transmutation Enhancement Increase the effectiveness of one ability score for a creature. Adventurer's Guide
Enthrall 2nd Enchantment Compulsion Monopolize a creature’s attention. Adventurer's Guide
Escape 5th Conjuration Arcane, Teleportation Escape to the surface. Dungeon Delver's Guide
Etherealness 7th Transmutation Movement, Obscurement, Planar Enter the border of the Ethereal Plane. Adventurer's Guide
Eyebite 6th Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Fear Use a gaze attack to curse creatures. Adventurer's Guide
Faerie Fire 1st Evocation Arcane, Utility Highlight creatures with magical radiance. Adventurer's Guide
Fatigued Bargain 1st Enchantment Compulsion, Enhancement, Psychic Suppress the effects of a creature’s fatigue and grant it an additional action at a cost. Gate Pass Gazette