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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary
Air Wave 1st Conjuration Air, Weaponry Cut through the air with a melee weapon to damage a creature within 30 feet.
Arcane Mirror 4th Divination Arcane, Communication, Divine, Scrying, Utility Scry through a distant mirror.
Arcane Riposte 1st Evocation Arcane, Attack Respond to a melee attack with a damaging blast of elemental magic.
Astral Projection 9th Necromancy Movement, Planar, Utility Travel the astral plane.
Banishment 4th Abjuration Affliction, Planar Send a creature to another plane.
Blight 4th Necromancy Arcane, Nature, Necrotic, Plants Attack a creature by drawing the moisture from it, harming most and devastating plants.
Blood-Writ Bargain
3rd Conjuration Evil, Good, Law, Planar, Summoning Create a pact enforced by celestials or fiends.
Calculate Cantrip Divination Enhancement, Law, Technological Instantly know the answer to any mathematical equation.
Calculated Retribution 1st Abjuration Force, Law, Weaponry Surround yourself with a dampening magical field and collect the energy of your foes’ attacks to use against them.
Charm Monster 4th Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Make a creature view you as a trusted friend.
Charm Person 1st Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Force a humanoid to view you as a trusted friend for a short time.
Chill Touch Cantrip Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Attack, Necrotic Attack with the chill of the grave, injuring and preventing healing.
Circle of Death 6th Necromancy Necrotic Suck the life force from an area, dealing necrotic damage in a large sphere.
5th Divination Divine, Knowledge, Planar Reach out to beyond the realms material to answer your questions.
Commune with Nature
5th Divination Knowledge, Nature Become one with nature to learn about the surrounding land.
Comprehend Languages
1st Divination Communication, Knowledge Use magic to better interpret languages you do not understand.
Conjure Aberration 6th Conjuration Arcane, Divine, Planar, Summoning Conjure a hideous being.
Conjure Fey 6th Conjuration Arcane, Nature, Summoning Summon a hag, hound, or redcap.
Contact Other Plane
5th Divination Arcane, Knowledge, Planar Risk your sanity in order to question an otherworldly being.
Convenient Retrieval Cantrip Conjuration Arcane, Utility Instantly retrieve an item from a container.
Corpse Explosion 1st Evocation Poison, Thunder Make a corpse explode in a poisonous cloud.
Counterspell 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Negation Interrupt another spellcaster as they cast a spell.
Create Undead 6th Necromancy Arcane, Divine, Undead Raise three or fewer humanoid corpses as ghouls.
Crushing Haymaker 3rd Evocation Attack, Thunder, Unarmed, Weaponry Deliver a devastating strike that deals thunder damage and lays your target low.
Dancing Lights Cantrip Evocation Arcane, Utility Create up to four floating, magical lights.
Darkness 2nd Evocation Arcane, Shadow Shroud an area in magical darkness.
Demiplane 8th Conjuration Arcane, Planar Create a doorway to a dimension you create.
Dimension Door 4th Conjuration Arcane, Teleportation Teleport yourself and one willing creature great distances.
Dispel Magic 3rd Abjuration Arcane, Negation, Protection, Utility End ongoing magical effects.
4th Divination Communication, Divine, Knowledge Ask a higher power about the future.
Dominate Monster 8th Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Take over the mind of a creature.
Dream 5th Illusion Affliction, Communication Invade a creature’s dreams to communicate with and possibly terrorize it.
Eldritch Cube 5th Conjuration Law, Psychic Summon a black, nonreflective, incorporeal cube that deals psychic damage to creatures that touch it.
Enrage Architecture 7th Transmutation Earth, Terrain Animate a building and make it lash out at its inhabitants and surroundings.
Enthrall 2nd Enchantment Compulsion Monopolize a creature’s attention.
Etherealness 7th Transmutation Movement, Obscurement, Planar Enter the border of the Ethereal Plane.
Expeditious Retreat 1st Transmutation Arcane, Movement Move much faster than normal.
Eyebite 6th Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Fear Use a gaze attack to curse creatures.
Fear 3rd Illusion Arcane, Fear Frighten creatures in a cone-shaped area.
Feeblemind 8th Enchantment Affliction, Arcane, Psychic Crush a creature’s mind.
Finger of Death 7th Necromancy Arcane, Necrotic, Undead Wrack a creature with negative energy that deals 7d8+30 necrotic damage.
Flesh to Stone 6th Transmutation Arcane, Earth, Transformation Turn a creature to stone.
Flex 2nd Illusion Enhancement, Utility Bestow a glamor upon a creature that highlights its physique to show a stunning idealized form.
Fly 3rd Transmutation Arcane, Movement Grant a creature the ability to fly.
Force Punch 1st Evocation Attack, Force, Unarmed Use a blast of magic to punch a creature.
Forcecage 7th Evocation Arcane, Force, Planar, Teleportation Creatures in the area are trapped in an invisible cube of force.
Foresight 9th Divination Arcane, Senses Grant preternatural awareness to a creature that makes it immune to being surprised and grants it advantage on checks.
Friends Cantrip Enchantment Arcane Gain an expertise die on a Charisma check.
Gaseous Form 3rd Transmutation Air, Arcane, Movement Make a creature insubstantial and able to fly.
Glibness 8th Transmutation Communication, Enhancement, Obscurement Gain a bonus to Charisma checks and lie even under magical detection.