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Name Ritual Level Classical Spell School Spell Schools Summary
Acid Arrow 2nd Evocation Acid, Arcane Create a magical arrow that covers a creature or object in acid.
Acid Splash Cantrip Conjuration Acid, Arcane Conjure a localized bubble of acid that splashes over creatures.
1st Abjuration Arcane, Protection, Scrying, Utility Set a magical warning against intrusion.
Alter Self 2nd Transmutation Arcane, Movement, Shapechanging, Weaponry Use magic to warp your body.
Altered Strike Cantrip Transmutation Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed, Weaponry Briefly transform your weapon or fist into another material and strike with it.
Angel Paradox 7th Evocation Radiant, Undead Deal 40 radiant damage that ignores resistances and protects a corpse from being turned into undead.
Animate Dead 3rd Necromancy Necrotic, Summoning, Undead Create undead to do your bidding.
Animate Objects 5th Transmutation Arcane, Transformation, Weaponry Create constructs to smite foes.
Antimagic Field 8th Abjuration Arcane, Negation, Planar, Protection Negate magic within a small area.
Antimagic Zone 9th Abjuration Arcane, Divine, Negation, Planar, Protection Negate magic permanently.
Antipathy/Sympathy 8th Enchantment Compulsion Create an attraction or distaste in intelligent creatures.
Arcane Eye 4th Divination Arcane, Scrying Use a magical eye to invisibly scout.
Arcane Hand 5th Evocation Arcane, Attack, Protection Conjure a magical hand that crushes, grapples, slaps, and wards away enemies.
Arcane Lock 2nd Abjuration Arcane, Protection Make a nearly permanent magical lock.
Arcane Mirror 4th Divination Arcane, Communication, Divine, Scrying, Utility Scry through a distant mirror.
Arcane Muscles Cantrip Transmutation Arcane, Enhancement, Transformation, Unarmed Bulk your muscles to deliver lethal unarmed strikes.
Arcane Riposte 1st Evocation Arcane, Attack Respond to a melee attack with a damaging blast of elemental magic.
Arcane Sword 7th Evocation Arcane, Attack, Force, Summoning, Weaponry Create a deadly sword-shaped force that attacks at your command.
Arcanist’s Magic Aura 2nd Illusion Arcane, Obscurement, Scrying Disguise the true magical nature of an object or creature.
Astral Projection 9th Necromancy Movement, Planar, Utility Travel the astral plane.
Awaken Portal 4th Transmutation Arcane, Divine, Protection Impart sentience to a door.
Banishment 4th Abjuration Affliction, Planar Send a creature to another plane.
Bestow Curse 3rd Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Divine, Necrotic Lay a curse upon a creature, giving it potentially long-lasting penalties.
Black Tentacles 4th Conjuration Arcane, Summoning, Terrain Summon forth tentacles from the ground to restrain and damage creatures.
Blight 4th Necromancy Arcane, Nature, Necrotic, Plants Attack a creature by drawing the moisture from it, harming most and devastating plants.
Blindness/Deafness 2nd Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Divine, Senses Strike a creature blind or deaf.
Blink 3rd Transmutation Arcane, Planar, Protection Have a 50% chance of vanishing each turn to avoid being harmed.
Blood-Writ Bargain
3rd Conjuration Evil, Good, Law, Planar, Summoning Create a pact enforced by celestials or fiends.
Blur 2nd Illusion Arcane, Protection, Senses Cloak yourself in distortion, imposing disadvantage on attacks against you.
Burning Hands 1st Evocation Arcane, Fire Shoot forth a sheet of flames from your hands, damaging creatures in a cone.
Calculate Cantrip Divination Enhancement, Law, Technological Instantly know the answer to any mathematical equation.
Chain Lightning 6th Evocation Arcane, Lightning Fire a bolt of lightning that arcs to multiple foes.
Charm Monster 4th Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Make a creature view you as a trusted friend.
Charm Person 1st Enchantment Arcane, Compulsion Force a humanoid to view you as a trusted friend for a short time.
Chef's Plate 1st Divination Arcane, Divine, Protection, Utility Learn how to prepare targeted food or drink.
Chill Touch Cantrip Necromancy Affliction, Arcane, Attack, Necrotic Attack with the chill of the grave, injuring and preventing healing.
Circle of Death 6th Necromancy Necrotic Suck the life force from an area, dealing necrotic damage in a large sphere.
Clairvoyance 3rd Divination Arcane, Divine, Scrying Create a sensor at a distance, allowing you to see or hear through it.
Clone 8th Necromancy Arcane Create a duplicate of a creature that awakens upon the original’s death.
Cloudkill 5th Conjuration Arcane, Obscurement, Poison Create a cloud of poisonous fog that obscures the area and damages creatures.
Color Spray 1st Illusion Arcane, Prismatic, Senses Create a flash of brilliant colored light, blinding creatures in front of you.
Comprehend Languages
1st Divination Communication, Knowledge Use magic to better interpret languages you do not understand.
Cone of Cold 5th Evocation Arcane, Attack, Cold Create a blast of frigid air, dealing damage in a cone.
Confusion 4th Enchantment Affliction, Chaos, Compulsion Strike confusion into the minds of your enemies, making them act randomly.
Conjure Aberration 6th Conjuration Arcane, Divine, Planar, Summoning Conjure a hideous being.
Conjure Elemental 5th Conjuration Air, Arcane, Earth, Fire, Nature, Summoning, Water Summon a bound elemental to aid you.
Conjure Minor Elementals 4th Conjuration Air, Arcane, Earth, Fire, Nature, Summoning, Water Summon one, two, or three elementals.
Contact Other Plane
5th Divination Arcane, Knowledge, Planar Risk your sanity in order to question an otherworldly being.
Contingency 6th Evocation Arcane, Time Prepare a spell to trigger under certain conditions.
Continual Flame 2nd Evocation Arcane, Divine, Fire Create a torch-like flame that can’t be extinguished.